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ActivArt- Artistic workshops to develop the creativity of European pupils

The project aims to improve the provision and effectiveness of school education by employing the Bruno Munari® teaching method. This method encourages informal learning where teachers and students are active participants in the teaching process, which is not restricted to the mere transfer of content. By developing creativity under this method, the project will present and disseminate a new way of relating to and getting to know the surrounding world through art and, in particular, through the creative use of various objects viewed differently.

The purpose of the partnership is to experiment and test the method in the two different contexts; to evaluate the experience together from the various points of view of the players involved; and then to publish the results.

Improving the quality of school life by enhancing the role of teachers and trainers is one of the project’s main objectives, as is the inclusion of all those involved in the process from the local authority to the children themselves in an international context of learning, comparing and sharing.


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